Instant Memory Cleaner

Instant Memory Cleaner

Appears as a panel upside the system tray.RAM indicator and optimizer
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This program is a representative of numerous apps designed to smoothen the performance of your operation system.
It’s a cozy little application, which forces pages out of physical memory, freeing RAM for the better purposes of your choice!
It puts its icon into the system tray bar. That icon itself is an indicator of whether you should or should not start the optimization process. It is green when your RAM is free enough (free up to 3/10 of it’s total size), yellow when it’s loaded (free between 3/10 and 1/10 of it’s total amount) and red if it’s overloaded (free is less than 1/10 of your RAM’s size).
If you click on that system tray icon, a small panel with just a few buttons appears.
On this panel you can:
1) See the amount of free memory;
2) Study the memory details (such as total/available physical memory, total/available page file, total/available virtual memory and other nerdy information);
3) Choose whether the program must be included into the Windows start-up list;
4) See the help file (which is actually quite unnecessary for such a tiny app);
5) Close the program;
6) Minimize it back to the tray;
7) Start the cleaning process.
The process itself lasts quite a while. And it gives no information about what’s happening on the way. Compared to other RAM-optimizers I’ve used, this one has a really long optimizing time.

Discontinued by the developer.

Review summary


  • Less buttons - less worries. Realy easy to use


  • Easy to use, but no guarantee of best result, because there are no preferences
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